Caring Values

Caring citizens are encouraged to frame their conversations that matter using our 15 core American values. The latest insights of the brain reveal that in order to build an empathy surplus in human brains one actually has to use words that activate the pre-frontal cortex where the human values empathy and responsibility for self and others reside. It's basic physics. Sixty percent of human neural pathways are below our heads. Thinking is constitutive. If we don't use empathic language that leads to empathic actions, we will not build an empathy surplus in our own lives and the lives of others. 

Caring citizens are the solution. Be the change. Use your strong, empathy and responsibility values language every day. Please DOWNLOAD this flyer and contact us.

Empathy, Responsibility and Strength 

Empathy and responsibility for self and others, basic human rights, are strengthened when people govern both privately and publicly with these values, caring for one another, leading to freedom and fairness for all.

Protection, Fulfillment and Fairness

When you care for someone, even people you don't know, you want them to be protected, their hopes and dreams fulfilled, and to be treated fairly.

Freedom, Opportunity, and Prosperity 

Fulfillment in life comes from being free. Our communities must have sufficient prosperity for its residents to have the opportunities to care for themselves and each other.

Community, Service, Cooperation 

Children are shaped by their communities. Shared responsibility requires serving and helping to shape that community. That service above self requires cooperation.

Trust, Honest, and Open Communication 

Effective cooperation requires trust. Building trust, or a trust / brand, requires the consistent, honest, and open communication of these core American values in all aspects of our lives.

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