Caring Principles

Caring citizens not only share our values, but we also share principles that arise from these values. We are progressives because no matter our party affiliation we want to make progress in building trust for effective governance based on our values and principles. Please DOWNLOAD this flyer and contact us.


What caring citizens in a caring society owe each other. If you work hard, play by the rules, and care for your family, community, and nation, then the nation should provide a decent standard of living as well as freedom, security, and opportunity.


Caring citizens do everything possible to guarantee political and social equality and avoid imbalances of political power. This is the moral mission of "safety and happiness" we have picked up from the signers of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.


Caring citizens maximize citizen participation; minimize concentrations of political, corporate, and media power. Maximize journalist standards. Establish publicly financed elections, commonly referred to as clean elections. Invest in public education. Bring corporations under stakeholder control, not just stockholder control.

Effective Government for a Better Future

Effective public government does what America's future requires and what the private sector cannot do -- or is not doing -- effectively, ethically, or at all. The moral mission of government is to promote and, if possible, provide sufficient protection, greater democracy, more freedom, a better environment, broader prosperity, better health, greater fulfillment in life, less violence, and the building aChnd maintaining of public infrastructure.

Ethical Business

Caring citizen values apply to business. In the course of making money by providing products and services, business should not adversely affect the public good, as defined by our values. Ethical businesses will refuse to impose wage slavery and corporate servitude. They will work with unions, not against them. They will pay the true costs of doing business -- not externalize, or offload, those costs onto the public (for instance, they will clean up their pollution). They will make sure their products do no harm to the public. And rather than treat their employees as mere "human resources," they will see them as community members and assets to the business.

Empathy-Based Foreign Policy

American caring citizens value a foreign policy that aligns with our core values of empathy, responsibility, and strength. Here are a few examples where strong, caring and responsible domestic policy translates into foreign policy:

  • Protection translates into an effective military for defense and peacekeeping.
  • Building and maintaining a strong community translates into cooperation to build and maintain strong alliances and engage in effective diplomacy.
  • Care and responsibility for self and others translate into care responsibility for the world's people; helping to solve the problems of health, hunger, lack of income, and environmental degradation; population control (and the best method, women's education); and rights of women, children, prisoners, refugees, and ethnic minorities.
  • All of the above are concerns of an empathy-based foreign policy. 

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