Policy Directions

Caring Policy Directions

Given our values and principles, caring citizens can agree on basic policy directions, and may not agree on the details. Policy directions are at a higher moral cognitive level than specific details. Caring citizens quite often divide on specific policy details while agreeing on directions. Please DOWNLOAD this flyer and contact us.

The First Caring Citizens' Congress of Wilmington, OH, is currently focused on two policy directions for a caring society:

  1. Healthcare Is A Human RightCaring citizens in America work for access to affordable, lifetime comprehensive doctor - patient healthcare for all.
  2. Caring Economy with Ethical Business Is A Human RightCaring citizens in America invest in an economy centered on innovations that create millions of good-paying jobs and provide every American a fair opportunity to prosper. The economy of ethical businesses operating in caring markets should be sustainable, aligned around human rights, avoid wage slavery and corporate servitude, protect the environment, and end corruption known as privateering. When these criteria are not met, market failure exists.

We are actively recruiting Rotarians, because of the collaboration the UN Global Compact has with Rotary International.

Other Policy Directions on Which This or Another Caring Citizens' Congress Could Focus with the Right Delegates:

  • Security: Caring citizens want every American to be safeguarded at home through military strength, strong diplomatic alliances, and wise foreign and domestic policy. America's role in the world should be strengthened by helping people around the world live better lives.
  • Education: Caring citizens want a vibrant, well-funded, and expanding public education system, with the highest standards for every child and school, where teachers nurture children's minds and often the children themselves, and where children are taught the truth about their nation, including its wonders and its blemishes.
  • Early Childhood: Caring citizens support high-quality early childhood education, because every child's brain is shaped crucially by early experiences.
  • Environment: Caring citizens work toward a clean, healthy, and safe environment for ourselves and our children so ending its destruction is a moral imperative. We want water you can drink, air you can breathe, and food that is healthy and safe. Polluters pay for the damage they cause.
  • Nature: Caring citizens work to preserve for future generations the natural wonders of our country. We want those natural wonders to be enhanced where they have been degraded.
  • Energy: Caring citizens want to make major public investments in renewable energy, for the sake of millions of jobs that pay well, improvements in public health, preservation of our environment, and the effort to halt global warming.
  • Openness: Caring citizens wan an open, efficient, and fair government at all levels that tells the truth to our citizens and earns the trust of every American.
  • Equal Rights: Caring citizens support equal rights in every area involving race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.
  • Protections: Caring citizens support keeping and extending protections for consumers, workers, retirees, and investors.

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