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Five Caring Ideas & Effective Working Groups

The importance of repeating this ten word philosophy by caring citizens in both major political parties to frame the American narrative cannot be overstated. Our members also use these ten word memes to organize themselves into working groups that gather away from the weekly congressional peaceable assemblies. Working groups gathering to help members maintain the second critical activity of "Investing our lives. . ." and counts as a "makeup" to a missed weekly congress gathering. Working groups can gather physically or virtually.

Five Caring Ideas Flyer - If you are already working on one or more of these big ideas to advance peace, either alone or in a group, we invite you to join us. Please DOWNLOAD this flyer and contact us.

Stronger America - #StrongerAmerica (Stronger State, County, City, Town)

A stronger America is not just about defense / military, but about every dimension of strength to act on our care and responsibility to self and others: our effectiveness in the world, our economy, our educational system, our healthcare system, our families, our communities, our environment, our political parties and process, and so forth. Strong caring citizens are the solution. There are three equally important components to the Stronger America(ns) philosophy:

  1. Americans have a responsibility to care for each other. Caring domestic policy directions strengthen individual American lives, liberty and happiness.
  2. Americans have a responsibility to care for neighbors through cooperation. Caring foreign policy directions strengthen our allies, our diplomacy, and our peace making.
  3. Americans have a responsibility to protect ourselves from our enemies. What we spend on protection is a reflection of our failure to care for ourselves and our neighbors. We can do better and we will.

At the local level, city and county, these translate to:

  1. Caring citizens care for each other in all our spheres of influence, public and private. Cooperation and public investment are key, especially from multi-national corporations doing business locally, who benefit from "compound empowerment." For example, I may drive to work and need to care for the roads; but businesses use those same roads to get their employees to work and to send their products to market; they have a greater responsibility to invest in the public infrastructure.
  2. Caring citizens care for the foreigner in our midst in all our spheres of influence, public and private. Cooperation and public investment is key, especially from multi-national corporations doing business locally.
  3. Caring citizens care for our protection and empowerment infrastructure, i.e. roads, police, fire protection, schools, courts, public health, etc. Cooperation and public investment is key, especially from multi-national corporations doing business locally.

Broader Prosperity - #Broader Prosperity

Broad prosperity is systemically caused by caring citizens when we create a caring economy filled with ethical businesses. All markets are constructed -- by laws -- for someone's benefit; no markets are completely free. Market failure exists when prosperity is narrow. Markets should be constructed for the broadest possible prosperity, as opposed to the exponential accumulation of wealth by unethical privateer individuals or corporations and their enablers inside governing bodies with the corresponding loss of wealth by caring citizens, and with it the loss of freedom and fulfillment in life. We are working in both major parties to find support for the Caring Economy Ethical Business Resolution, a resolution seeking to help caring citizens in each major party find ways to cooperate at the local level to align their institutions around the Ten Principles of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

Better Future - #BetterFuture

Americans want and deserve a better future that involves investment in peace and peacemaking -- economically, educationally, environmentally, and in all other areas of life --  for themselves, their children and their allies. Lowering taxes, primarily for unethical privateer individuals and corporations and their enablers inside governing bodies, has had the effect of disinvestment in civic tasks that make a better future possible in all areas and has contributed to the violation of human rights. The proper goal is a better future for all Americans.

Effective Government - #EffectiveGovernment

Effective government respects, protects, & promotes the human right to Four Freedoms: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear, as well as all the Bill of Rights. Smaller government is, in privateer propaganda, supposed to eliminate waste. It is really about privateering and eliminating civic tasks that benefit everyone. Privateering shifts the American public government's moral mission of protection and empowerment of all, as well as public revenues, to unethical private individuals or corporation for their benefit and profit. Private bankers should not run the US Treasury or monetary policy. Monsanto and Big Agribusiness should not run our Department of Agriculture. Big Pharma should not run the FDA.

Effective government that eliminates corruption and ends privateering is what we need our government to accomplish to create a better future. We should be governed not by corporations, but by a government of, by, and for the people.

Mutual Responsibility - #MutualResponsibility

Privateer family values are those of a strict father family -- authoritarian, hierarchical, every man for himself, based around discipline and punishment. Caring citizens resist this cruelty by promoting the best American values of both families and communities: mutual responsibility, which is authoritative, equal and gender neutral, and based around commitment to care and responsibility to self and others. To say "I am a progressive," or "I am a caring citizen," means that regardless of party labels, you want to make progress in advancing the core values of strong effective government: care and responsibility to self and others. It's not enough to care for yourself and your own family. We need to be strong and effective both individually and collectively. It's our mutual responsibility to have each others' backs.

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People and Organizations Committed to Using These Five Caring Ideas in Their Spheres of Influence

Email to add your name or organization to the following alphabetical list. Organizations are in bold type.
  • Conversations That Matter, Wilmington, OH
  • Dean Feldmeyer, Wilmington, OH
  • Anita Lewis, Sugarcreek Township, OH
  • Kathryn Palmer, Wilmington, OH
  • Miriam Speaight, Wilmington, OH
  • Chuck Watts, Wilmington, OH
Email for more information about organizing a working group in your county.
  • Stronger Clinton County Working Group, Wilmington, OH

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